Molds, Dies and Nozzles


Our small scale extruders and injection molding machine can’t produce nice parts without molds and dies. The design and complexity of molds and dies depend on multiple factors like:

  • Complexity
  • Size
  • Wall thicknesses
  • quantities
  • quality requirements
  • and so on

Each mold and die is a custom job and needs to work together with the available machine and chosen polymer. A lot is possible, so let us know your wishes. We are able to design molds and nozzles on a detailed level and are able to manufacture them in-house or trough our partners depending on complexity.

Injection molding molds

In-House designed using Solidworks, multiple manufacturing options:

  • 3D Printed (SLA) for low volumes
  • Aluminium CNC milled for larger volumes

Extruder dies

In-House designed using Solidworks, multiple manufacturing options depending on complexity:

  • Conventional machining
  • CNC milled aluminium / steel
  • EDM machining

Let us know what you need

Contact us with the button below to get in contact. Let us know your product idea or design and check the possibilities.