Industrial Plastic Processing Machinery

Our industrial line

Our recycling machinery line offers basic machinery line-up, suitable for basic plastic production aimed for recycling. These machines are characterized by their robustness, simplicity in design, and cost-effectiveness.

In specific industrial applications where superior performance and precise process control are essential, our industrial machinery line comes into play. These applications may encompass:

  • Extrusion process validation
  • Polymer resin validation
  • Small-scale production runs
  • Experimentation
  • Research and Development (R&D)

In these instances, quality requirements are considerably higher. Hence, we’ve developed a dedicated industrial line of machines to address these needs.

The machines

PBS Lab extruder MK1

The PBS Lab extruder MK1 is based on the standard tabletop extruder 30/600. This extruder is combined with a melt pump and controlled by a “Flow-Connect” controller by flowlink BV.

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PBS Full auto molder (in development)

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