PBS Lab Extruder Mark 1

The concept

The PBS Lab extruder MK1 is based on the standard tabletop extruder 30/600. This extruder is combined with a melt pump and controlled by a “Flow-Connect” controller by flowlink BV.

The package is fitted on a height adjustable frame, with an aditional horizontal lift to aid in changeovers, cleaning and maintenance operations. The whole package weighs <150 kg with a compact and mobile design.

Melt pump benefits

In this concept, the extruder functions as a feed pump to the melt pump, where the extruder serves the following functions:

  • Melting and mixing the polymer
  • Feeding the melt pump with a constant pressure and temperature

The melt pump in turn offers the ability to accurately control the troughput and allows the extruder to reach higher pressures at the output up to 350 bar. Besides that, the melt pump has the folowing benefits in processing:

  • Reduction of pultation
  • Reduced melt swirl
THe frame

The horizontal adjustment allows for flexibility in fitting auxiliary equipment between the extruder and pump like:

  • Static mixers
  • Breaker plates / filters
  • Valves
  • Measuring equipment

The machine can also be fitted with vertical height adjustment to adjust the nozzle heigth within a specific range.

Product sheet


Specs Lab extruder PBS Machinery / Flowlink
 Machine descriptionSingle Screw extruder combined with a melting pump, controlled by a Flowlink “Flowconnect” system. Lightweight and mobile design.
 Machine Flow control descriptionAutomatic flow control based on setting a defined pump speed while controlling the pump input pressure by regulating the extruder speed.
Physical specsWeight150kgApproximation
Length1210mmLength without melt pump
Height1610mmMin height lowest frame position
Min. Nozzle height from floor933mm 
Max. Nozzle height from floor1053mmWith height adjustment fully extended
Power specsMachine Voltage400Vac3 phase
Extruder motor power3000W 
Extruder heating power1800W 
Melt pump motor power1100W 
Melt pump heating power800W 
Total peak power consumption6700W 
Rated peak current16,75A 
Heating zones extruder3 
Heating zones melt pump1 
Extruder specsScrew diameter30mmStandard multi-purpose with option for mixing tip
Length of screw (mm)790mm 
Effective screw length600mm 
Screw L/D ratio20 
Extruder motor TypeEuronorm DS100M2/IEC/FF215/TF
Extruder reductor typeEuronorm Hypoïde JKM48B 
E-motor torque @ 50 hz10,1Nm 
Gearbox reduction15 
Extruder motor efficiency87,1% 
Extruder reductor efficiency92% 
Effective Screw torque @ 50 hz121,25NmOther ratios available
E-Motor speed @ 50 hz2840RPM 
Screw speed @ 50 hz189rpm 
Motor shaft diameter30mm 
Motor reductor output shaft typeHollow 
Melt pump specsMelt pump motor typeSEW-Eurodrive R27 DRN90S4/TF
Pump motor torque @ 50 hz7,22Nm 
Motor efficiency84,5% 
Motor speed @ 50 hz1455RPM 
Gearbox reduction10,13 
Output speed @ 50 hz144RPM 
Effective output torque @ 50 hz61,8Nm 
Pump stroke / rev2,78CC/rev 
Volumetric efficiency95% 
Max theoretical troughput pump379,3CC/min 
Max rated pump output pressure350bar 

Options and pricing

The machine has a modular design so the machine can be ordered with a specification according to your wishes.

Prices to be announced soon!

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