Redesigning injection moulding

PBS Machinery aims to improve polymer processing using new technologies and creativity. The basic concept of injection moulding is invented a long time ago and has been refined ever since. With the most important innovations:
  • 1943 - The invention of the standard mould base by I.T. Quarnstrom. This basic layout is still used today.
  • 1946 - The invention of the injection unit with screw by James Hendry , as used in most common injection moulding machines today.
We believe that recent innovations in electronics, automation, additive manufacturing and machining, combined with a fresh view in machine concepts in injection moulding machine design gives an oppurtunity to create more efficiënt and adaptable machines. We aim to:
  • Simplify the injection moulding machine concept
  • Reduce the machine weight and size by smarter design
  • Lower moulding costs
  • Increase the machine adaptibility 
  • Fully automate the production proces and mould changing